I met with Louise & Ross a couple of weeks before their wedding for their Pre-Wedding Shoot. We met at Ross's parents house, and headed down to Minchinhampton Common in Gloucestershire joined by the family dog.


Image (above right) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 145m, F2.8, 1/1000, ISO 160.

I ensured we met in the early evening where we enjoyed some warm soft light which made for some gorgeously lit photos.

Ross had informed me he didn't enjoy having their photo taken, so I started with a few photos of them enjoying their own company and forgetting the camera was on them. By using a longer lens I could ensure I wasn't within earshot of their conversations which seemed to relax them and let them be themselves. The beauty of the longer 70-200mm is that they were also really separated from the foreground and background. These areas have become nice texture and soft shapes, rather than distracting details.

Image - Dog (above right) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 195m, F2.8, 1/320, ISO 160.

I then began to pose them slightly whilst still allowing them to stand in a way they felt, and most importantly looked comfortable. Some nice evening light on one of the trees on the common was ideal as a backdrop. The light at that time of day really helped to create different shades of green in the same tree.

It was really nice to have the family dog along for a few photos, and he obliged by sitting to attention for the image above. Ross had grabbed his attention with a ball for this shot. I love the look in his eyes. Just eager to get chasing that ball!

Image (above left) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 180m, F2.8, 1/1600, ISO 320.

I loved the different shades of light on the Cotswold stone wall and wanted to use it for some of the photos. Add to that the different coloured leaves on the trees in the image above right and we had a frame I was really happy with. Again the light made was so nice and soft. The image above left could have potentially been difficult with the side lighting, but the soft evening light helped create shape rather than harsh shadows. The light stone helped to bounce some of the sunlight onto the right hand side of Louise & Ross' face.

Image (above) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 160m, F2.8, 1/1000, ISO 160.

The common was covered in buttercups, and I had tried to make these a bit of a theme throughout the shoot by getting really low and making them feature as part of the foreground interest. In fact I spent a lot of the shoot lying down! For the shot above I was lying on my stomach facing forward with the camera very close to the ground to get the effect of different layers of yellow buttercups throughout the image. I used the different coloured Cotswold stones again but more subtly this time by bringing the couple away from the wall and the gate, and throwing the background out of focus with a larger aperture.