I can confidently say that Carolyn and Maurice are the oldest couple whose wedding I have photographed. I can also add that they are one of the nicest! It was an absolute joy to photograph their wedding which had quite the eventful beginning which left everyone wondering if it would happen at all!

As the guests began to arrive to the chapel in Devizes, I started to hear whispers that the organist had not arrived. Now out of everybody that could be missing at a wedding, the organist is definitely not the worst. However..... I also discovered we were also waiting on the registrar! 

Maurice and Carolyn however stayed calm, and showed that they were just so happy to be in the moment that nothing was going to ruin their day. After a minor delay however, the ceremony began.

After the ceremony the wedding party moved onto The Seven Stars Inn in Bottlesford for a marquee reception. The marquee was beautifully laid out for Maurice and Carolyn to enjoy the afternoon with their closest family and friends. The sun shone bright for their day, and lit up the inside of the marquee making my life a lot easier. I stealthily moved around the edge of the marquee capturing images of the guests and key moments, including a touching speech by Maurice.