This event saw me travelling up to The Peak District to the beautifully located Izaak Walton Hotel in Ashbourne. I had been asked to photograph a momentous birthday party with family members travelling far and wide to be at this special occasion. Sandwiched in between two days of horrendous weather, we were fortunate to be greeted by bright sunshine on arrival. I took advantage of this to take some outdoor shots of the venue before people started to arrive.

My task on the day was to capture some natural photographs of people enjoying themselves. As more and more people arrived I was able to blend more in to the crowd, and people were soon unaware that they were being photographed. In these circumstances I locate myself in different areas as to be able to capture a number of faces and angles, and keep my eye out for nice moments of interaction between people. 

The cake design was fantastic and brilliantly replicated on mugs which each guest had at their table place. These were all colour coded and after the starter were used as a way to make people move from one table to the next so more conversations could be had with different family members. A great idea and great for me to be able to capture more variety of images. 

The one non candid photo was taken after the main course. I noticed the clouds were starting to come in and thought rain could be on it's way so I quickly gathered everyone together for a group photo before they went back inside for some cake. A lovely event to photograph with a lovely group of people.