Emma & Rog were keen on the idea of having a Pre-Wedding Shoot in order to feel comfortable with the idea of being photographed as a couple; something they did not have much experience of before this moment. It proved to be an extremely useful day as they became a lot more at ease with the whole experience the more time we spent together. It was also very useful for their two boys who would also be heavily photographed on the big day! They needed to get to know this strange man with a big camera, and know that he was really pretty friendly! They too became more comfortable in front of the camera and soon began to start to enjoy posing.


Image (above left) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 135m, F4.5, 1/2000, ISO 400.


Image (above) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 70m, F2.8, 1/4000, ISO 200.

I began with some photos on a long lens of the family being themselves and forgetting about the camera for a while. This was a good way of them getting used to me being around without being right in their face. By lying down on the ground I was able to make a feature of the long grass and catch the family as they came up the hill towards me.


Image (above left) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 95m, F5.6, 1/4000, ISO 200.

Capturing photos of children can be a real pleasure. Their expressive natures and playfulness is far removed from the cautious behaviour we express as adults. The image above left of Emma and Rog's youngest boy happened fairly naturally. I began by posing the family on the tree in the back of shot, but the kids just were too excitable to play ball. The resulting image was far more interesting. By not forcing an unnatural situation and following what a young mind wanted to do, I was able to capture a fun and expressive image.



Image (above) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 200m, F4.0, 1/640, ISO 100.

Although a lot of the images were intentionally of the entire family, I wanted Emma & Rog to get the chance to have some images on their own, not only as it would be nice for them to have photos as a couple, but also as it would be good practice for the wedding day. They were initially concerned with how they should be in front of the camera, but I soon assured them to not think of it as a photo shoot. The moments started to manifest themselves and natural expressions started to show through. I really feel the image above shows the true nature of their personalities.


Image (above left) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 130m, F4.0, 1/800, ISO 200.

Emma & Rog's oldest son really enjoyed being in front of the camera and loved finding new ways to pose. I took quite a few photos of him looking at the camera, but I really liked the moments when he was looking towards his mum and dad as these felt a lot more natural and somehow more comfortable.


Image (above) - Canon 5D Mark ii with EF70-200mm - 150m, F2.8, 1/800, ISO 100.

Before finishing our farmyard pre-wedding shoot, I had a quick look around at some of the farm buildings and found some interesting textures on the buildings. I really liked the rustic background in the image above. Initial shots weren't working, but simply by moving the couple a few feet away from the wall and using a wide aperture, I was able to throw the background just enough out of focus to create a nice bit of separation between them and the textured background behind. However I didn't want the background so out of focus that it would begin to lose the textures that made it so interesting. I was very happy with the resulting image that was simple but an effective combination of colours and tones.